The Crypto Challenge 2018 is being held on Tuesday 13 March 2018 from 1730 at the Tramsschapp in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg.

Cryptocurrencies, tokens and distributed ledgers... Do these terms seem increasingly familiar to you, but you haven’t quite managed to get your head around them yet? Are you a young mind working in the legal or financial sector, a techy start up leader or an entrepreneur? If so, then the first Crypto Challenge will be for you.

Agenda / Speakers
- Keynote speech on the future of fundraising, cryptocurrencies and ICO by Michael Jackson (Partner, Mangrove Capital)
- Meet BitFlyer, the virtual currency exchange from Japan with the European Headquarters in Luxembourg and the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange to be regulated in Japan, the US and Europe
- Issuing cryptobonds and other securities on public blockchain by Vic Arulchandran and Avtar Sehra (UK blockchain startup Nivaura)
- How to issue tokens in a fund – a debate with Alexandre Azoulay (entrepreneur and Managing Partner of SGH Capital, Paris) and Yannick Arbaut (Counsel, Allen & Overy, Luxembourg)
- Decrypt the Crypto by the LHoFT

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, will also attend.

This event is an initiative by Young Minds Think Differently (YMTD), a.k.a Young Lawyers at Allen & Overy, with the support of LHoFT and Silicon Luxembourg.

Venue: Tramsschapp in Luxembourg-Limpertsberg

Organiser: Allen & Overy, with the support of LHoFT and Silicon Luxembourg

Price: n/a

Reservations: To attend, see​