Luxembourg trade union LCGB yesterday presented its five main commitments ahead of the 12 March 2019 social elections.

These commitments are aimed principally at strengthening employee rights in the face of digitisation and include purchasing power, working time, safeguards, equality and last but not least, digitsation.

Firstly, the LCGB is working to strengthen purchasing power by maintaining the indexation of wages and pensions and by adjusting social and family benefits. Secondly, the trade union requires an adaptation of the organisation of working time regarding digitisation, including more flexibility for employees, a right to part time work, mobile schedules, the widespread introduction of savings accounts and new working time models in order to reduce the length of working life.

The LCGB is also committed to improving the protection of sick employees by improving the outplacement and eliminating the principle of 52 respectively 78 weeks of illness. However, the LCGB works for the application of alternative models in order to fight against unemployment. Likewise, the Luxembourg trade union is working towards achieving absolute fairness for employees in the private and public sectors, particularly in terms of the protection of employees against the risks of unemployment and sickness.

Finally, faced with a change in the world of work with irremediable questions that arise with regard to teleworking, the employment relationship, the reorganisation of business operations, work through a digital platform, copyrights and data protection, the LCGB is committed to minimise the risk of a digital breakage depending on age, training and income. In this context, the LCGB has demanded better supervision of employees, particularly at the level of initial and in-service training, an adaptation of labour law to the digital age in order to reflect new forms of work and technologies and a right to disconnect to protect the privacy of employees. The LCGB has also called for the creation of a Ministry for Digitisation accompanied by improved data protection.

The LCGB slogan for the 2019 social elections, "Today is Tomorrow - designing the work of tomorrow together", reflects this commitment to digital work.