Aspelt village;

The village of Aspelt will host a village market featuring artisanal produce and activities in the courtyard of the “Château d’Aspelt” as well as the main village square from 10:00 until 18:00, on Sunday 17 June organised by the “Frënn vum Uespelter Schlass” and “Coin de Terre et Foyer Uespelt” village associations.

The event will involve some 50 stands offering products and creations ranging from flowers and jewellery to articles for the garden, alcoholic beverages, typical Irish products (Courtesy of Eirelux) and much more.

Around noon, a barrel organ will entertain the public and during the afternoon (around 15:00) the public can enjoy the performance of the Luxembourg group Lompekréimer. Drinks and food can be purchased from many stalls.