The 3rd edition of the European Sports Week will take place from 23 to 30 September 2017 at the initiative of the European Commission.

Thirty-two European countries will participate, organising more than 33,000 different events, attracting more than 10 million participants across Europe to promote physical exercise and sport at all levels.

In Luxembourg, this European initiative is in line with the efforts undertaken since 2006 within the framework of the common interdepartmental strategy of the national action plan "Gesond iessen, méi bewegen": to promote healthy and nutritious food for all, from 0 to 99 years old, balanced and regular physical activity, by multiplying and diversifying the supply of products in order to choose the most suitable for health and well-being.

During the European Sports Week 2017, the main event will be Lëtz Be Active on Sunday 24 September 2017 at the National Sport and Cultural Centre at d'Coque. Entry to the show and participation in the programme are free of charge. The general public is invited to discover new innovations in terms of equipment, activities and to participate in the various sporting events that will take place throughout the day.

The Lëtz Be Active initiative will bring together at the same event more than fifty sports federations and private providers active in the field of sport in Luxembourg to offer visitors a rhythmic programme based on three axes: inform, inspire and activate.

INFORMER: "Tour de France" exhibition about the history and exciting news of the Tour de France.

INSPIRING: Initiation workshops animated by sports federations, the opportunity for the public to discover and test all innovations and sports activities.

ACTIVATE: Participation in the biggest spinning marathon ever organised, a moment of solidarity to share for the benefit of the association "Le soleil dans la main". Registration open on the official website