Alderman Michel Feidt, Mayor François Sauber and Corinne Brever;

On Saturday 14 July, Luxembourg's only women's rugby team, the Walfettes, celebrated their 10 year anniversary in Walferdange.

With over 80 people in attendance, the celebrations started with a tag tournament followed by a wine reception offered to the club by the mayor of Walferdange, François Sauber. The mayor was joined by one of the Walferdange alderman Michel Feidt.

Members, players, their friends and family all joined together for a buffet dinner to mark the occasion.

Current captain Corinne Brever was thanked for her continued dedication to the team and nearly 10 years of captaincy. Coaches past and present were also present to praise the success of the club and relay stories from over the years.

The Walfettes play in the second division of the Belgian league and are aiming to place in top three next season. They are always looking for new faces and fresh talent to be part of the next 10 years.