Luxembourg railways, the CFL, reported that an incident occurred on Thursday morning on the French railway network (SNCF) near Thionville, shortly before 11:30 this morning, the result of which was that traffic between Thionville and Bettembourg was blocked in both directions.

A barge had struck a bridge and the rail traffic had to be interrupted. While waiting for the intervention of the SNCF to resolve the situation, several trains to and from Thionville were cancelled, with the CFL chartering a bus shuttle for passengers.

Trains from Luxembourg to Thionville travelled at a slower speed, with additional delays impacting line 60 expected.

At around 13:00, the incident on the SNCF network, near Thionville, was resolved. Traffic between Luxembourg and Bettembourg gradually recovered with some delays impacting line 60 for a time during the afternoon.