The CFL (Luxembourg Railways) has announced that, following an incident involving a Belgian train breaking down on the track between Arlon and Kleinbettingen (line 50), rail traffic was restricted to one-way only between Luxembourg and Arlon this morning.

The towing of the immobile rolling stock was underway shortly after 09:00 and was anticipated to be completed within the hour. Passengers traveling to / from Brussels were advised to change trains at Arlon station. In addition, substitution buses have been set up between Luxembourg and Arlon.

Rail traffic to and from Belgium finally resumed and returned to normality at around 13:30. However, a CFL statement confirmed that some delays and one-offs could still occur.
In addition, on CFL's Line 10 (Luxembourg - Troisvierges - Gouvy), rail traffic has been impacted by several delays with train cancellations; however, on Monday, rail services on Line 10 have returned to normal. However, some delays and occasional cancellations can not be excluded.
For further information, see or CFL's mobile app.