Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven welcomed by Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at Findel Airport; Credit: © SIP / Charles Caratini, all rights reserved

Today, Friday 9 March 2018, marked the first of a two-day visit by the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden, Stefan Löfven, to Luxembourg.

During his visit to the Grand Duchy, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven met with Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel at the Hôtel de Bourgogne in Luxembourg city centre to discuss bilateral relations and major issues of European political news.

The programme also includes a visit to Robert Schuman's birthplace in Luxembourg-Clausen and the reception of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in audience by HRH the Grand Duke at the Grand Ducal Palace.

This evening, the Swedish Prime Minister also had the opportunity to attend the Ciné Concert at the Philharmonie of White Fang, in the company of Xavier Bettel and Etienne Schneider. The concert entailed a live performance by the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Gast Waltzing.