The Fonds culturel national Luxembourg (Focuna) has awarded its Career Development Grant for artist to Say Yes Dog.

Focuna, in collaboration with the Rocklab of the Rockhal and Music:LX, has offered for the second consecutive year a scholarship to a musician or band from the musical genres of rock/pop/electro aiming to primer the excellence of these artists and to encourage the development of their career.

This year’s winners Say Yes Dog will be assisted in carrying out their project by the Rocklab and Music: LX. The jury for the award of this scholarship was composed of Paul Bradshaw (Rockhal), Luka Heindrichs (De Gudde Wëllen and Food for your Senses), Raphael Junker (Music Artist Manager, Monday Night Production), Marc Scheer (Cooperations and Night of Lampions) and Giovanni Trono (Music:LX). They decided unanimously to grant this scholarship to the Say Yes Dog band.

Say Yes Dog is an electro-pop band composed of Aaron Ahrends (vocals, keyboards), Pascal Karier (drums) and Paul Rundel (bass). The three met during their studies in The Hague and in 2012, they founded the group. Since then, the band has accumulated live experience with more than 150 appearances in nearly ten countries across Europe. They sold a total of 2,000 copies of their first album "Plastic Love", released in September 2015. In recent years, the trio has continued to develop musically and included new musical elements in the production of their second album, which will be presented in spring 2019.

As part of this scholarship, Say Yes Dog aims not only to release their new album, but also to deepen the enthusiasm that the band has been able to generate from the public to date. In this context, even more concerts are on the programme, including one on 17 November 2018 at Sonic Visions in Esch-sur-Alzette.