INDR celebrates 10th anniversary;

The National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility (INDR) has celebrated its 10th anniversary with an event at the Chambre de Commerce in Luxembourg-Kirchberg last Wednesday 7 March 2018.

The Union of Luxembourg Enterprises (UEL) founded the INDR 10 years ago; the INDR marked this event with an academic session in the presence of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

In his introductory remarks, Michel Wurth, President of the INDR, recalled the essential role of companies in contributing to sustainable development, "The modern and responsible company is a key player in change and a well thought out future. in all its complexity. Companies have realised that their best strategy is to create value for them while preserving society. They are at the heart of the transition to qualitative growth. CSR is no longer a trade-off, but the only winning strategy."

As an employer initiative, the INDR represents all Luxembourg companies except those in the primary sector. Like the UEL, the institute is made up of eight employers' organisations, including the two chambers and the six professional federations. It is therefore natural that the INDR supports companies of all sizes and all economic sectors in their approach of accountability and therefore contribution to sustainable development.

Over the past decade, the INDR has positioned itself as the national benchmark for CSR in Luxembourg. He has developed links and partnerships with all key players in CSR. In the public domain, it collaborates with specific stakeholders according to the subjects covered: national action plans on CSR, human rights, sustainable development or actions promoting equality. Recently, the INDR launched the first association of CSR professionals, ProRSE, a unique platform for exchanges between people on the ground who will advance CSR.

CSR is the strategic tool available to the company to adapt to its economic, social and environmental context, while creating shared value for the company and for the society in which it operates.

The ESR Guide (Socially Responsible Enterprise), developed in collaboration with the main national actors of CSR in Luxembourg, is the reference work of companies and gives an overview of the main expectations of society towards them. It covers the main themes of CSR considered relevant in Luxembourg and is in line with the usual international standards. To date, 150 companies are labeled ESR representing 48,000 employees or 10% of the active population. The INDR has also sensitized a thousand companies to CSR. The new law on public procurement should encourage them to formalize their approach.

The INDR's ESR program is divided into 4 ranges of services related to - education - to understand the benefits of CSR, - evaluation - to test the responsibility of one's company, - commitment - to assert one's own commitment and - to the ESR label - to confirm his responsibility and enhance his business.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel for his part warmly congratulated the INDR for becoming a key player in advancing CSR in Luxembourg. He also thanked companies sensitised and labeled ESR for their commitment and their holistic contribution to sustainable development. And to add, "responsible companies are the companies of the future".