The first edition of Transition Days, held on 9 and 10 March 2018, attracted over 1,500 people.

Under the slogan "Eis Iessen - eis Zukunft" (Our food, our future), the Transition Days initiative focused on the future of food.

On the initiative of the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg (CELL), some 50 organisations from agricultural production, civil society, municipalities, education, research and the private sector discussed, tested and proposed solutions that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow associated with alternative produce and consumption.

Throughout the weekend the public was able to participate in interactive debates, co-creative workshops, the discovery of innovative projects, tastings, a soup disco and screenings aimed at promoting a positive change concerning food.

Exchanges with world-renowned experts and the public took place in the presence of Environment Minister Carole Dieschbourg and Secretary of State for Sustainable Development and Infrastructures Camille Gira. Indeed, the festival was supported by the Department of Environment of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and the OEuvre Grand-Duchesse Charlotte.

Following the success of Transition Days 2018, further organisations and citizens have set themselves an action plan with 35 measures for a Food Transition for Luxembourg, around which concrete and innovative projects respond to the challenge of eating well while respecting planetary and climatic limits.