At the 4th International Luxembourg Doubles curling tournament played at Kockelscheuer last week-end, after two wins in 2016 and 2017 by Scott Moon of Canada/Netherlands with different partners on each occasion, Karen Wauters and Marco Etienne did it this year in a strong field of European teams.

Having lost their first match on Saturday morning, the Luxembourg pairing stayed undefeated until the end, beating their opponent from the first match in a closed final by 5-4.

A total of eight teams played matches matches on Saturday and Sunday (Schenkel System) plus one ranking final.

Final Table:
1. Wauters/Etienne (Lux): 8 points
2. Audren/Sutherland Viry (Paris/Frankfurt): 8 points
3. Kelly/Schweitzer (Lux): 7 points
4. Moon/De Boer (Zoetermeer): 6 points
5-8. 3rd Lux team, Düsseldorf and 2 Viry (Paris) teams.​