Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a loved-one? Not some knick-knack, but a meaningful present? Or would you like to make someone happy and simultaneously help people in need?

The Fondation Partage Luxembourg (; previously named Fondation Bridderlech Deelen) is promoting its donation card as an alternative to a more conventional Christmas present. With this “donation-gift” you and the recipient of the gift have given somebody a chance at a better future

And it is as simple as this:

1. Choose the donation package from the list below.
2. Donate the appropriate amount to Fondation Partage Luxembourg: CCPL IBAN LU74 1111 1261 0097 0000 - Please do not forget to specify the chosen donation package on the form (communication to beneficiary).
3. Fondation Partage will send you a donation card by mail. On this donation card you can write the name of the recipient and put it under the Christmas tree. If you transfer your donation before 15 December, Fondation Partage will guarantee delivery before Christmas.
4. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Donation packages

€30 Seeds for ten families (Communication: Donation seeds Kenya)

€50 Agricultural equipment for one family (Communication: Donation equipment Congo)

€95 Agronomic training for one person for one term (Communication: Donation agronomic Training Guatemala)

€125 A goat for one family (Communication: Donation goat Kenya)

Alternatively, you choose the amount and the donation will be used where it is needed most (Communication: Donation Christmas Campaign)

About Fondation Partage Luxembourg

A non-governmental organisation for development co-operation, Bridderlech Deelen was founded in 1966 to express the solidarity of the citizens living in Luxembourg with the people in distress throughout the world, without distinction of race, culture or religion. In 2016, Bridderlech Deelen celebrated its 50th anniversary together with its partner-organisations from Africa, Latin America and Asia, visiting Luxembourg on the occasion of the festivities. Using the opportunity of this Jubilee, the Foundation changed its name and its logo and is now called (Fondation Partage Luxembourg).

Fondation Partage Luxembourg supports projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia, mainly in the following fields: education, food security, family farming and agro-ecology as well as defense of human rights, especially the rights of indigenous people (in Brazil, for example) and women (in India, for example), and the fight against poverty through income-generating activities.