Pierre-Jean Estagerie, Partner and Deloitte Private Leader in Luxembourg; Credit: Deloitte Luxembourg

Deloitte Luxembourg has announced the launch of its latest endeavour: its new sub-brand, Deloitte Private.

In light of the distinct challenges faced by private companies in today's market, Deloitte Luxembourg decided to launch Deloitte Private to cater for its private enterprise clients. The firm has integrated its subsidiary—and longstanding traditional accountancy practice—Fiduciaire Générale de Luxembourg, combining the knowledge and experience of these two teams.

Deloitte Private initiative is a gathering of international specialists within the Deloitte network dedicated to providing specific advisory services to private companies, family businesses and individuals.

Pierre-Jean Estagerie, Partner and Deloitte Private Leader in Luxembourg, has explained the firm’s decision to increase the scope of the clients it serves: “Over the years, Deloitte Luxembourg has acquired in-depth expertise in the servicing of private businesses. We understand the different cultures that define private companies, and we recognise the particularities and needs that companies with this ownership structure face every day. With the creation of this new sub-brand, we address these particularities, capitalising on the actions and experience of other member firms to help our clients thrive.” 

With the launch of its new sub-brand, Deloitte Luxembourg has joined other Deloitte member firms such as Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.