Luxembourg's Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure has confirmed that, on Monday afternoon, its Water Management Administration / Environmental Administration was contacted by the technical department of the municipality of Bettembourg following the detection of a film of hydrocarbons on a ditch along Rue Valpaços.

Preventive measures to prevent contamination of the waters of the River Alzette were taken by the Bettembourg Response Centre (CIBETT) in consultation with the Administration of Water Management. At the same time, excavations were launched to locate the source of the contamination and the Environmental Administration joined the investigations.

Due to the weather forecast for the coming days indicating adverse conditions, preventive measures had to be reinforced by the CIBETT with the support of the Fire Department of the Ville de Luxembourg and the National Emergency Base in Lintgen.

The search for the source of the oil pollution will continue under the co-ordination of the Environmental Administration.​