Minister Dan Kersch at Schengen; Credit: MINT

On Friday 8 September 2017, Luxembourg's Minister of the Interior, Dan Kersch, attended the presentation of five new emergency services vehicles at the Fire and Rescue Centre of the municipality of Schengen.

Equipped to intervene quickly on any incident of fire, the LF20 is a machine which also ensures technical operations of small scale. In addition to a new personnel transport vehicle (MTW), the Schengen CIS now also has a multi-purpose vehicle (MZF Unimog). However, its primary purpose remains to protect assets (transport of equipment, logistical support for major interventions). In addition, a Command and Rapid Response Vehicle (KdoW) and a rescue / command post cell were officially commissioned.

Minister Kersch welcomed the initiatives to consolidate the activities of the three volunteer fire brigades of Schengen, Burmerange and Wellenstein, as well as Schengen's Civil Protection. "This example of successful cooperation between four units and the pooling of resources makes it possible to optimise the involvement of volunteer firefighters and to maximise the availability of equipment," he said. "These conditions guarantee the security of inhabitants of the municipality, in particular by the presence of a permanent guard."

The Minister also welcomed the commitment of volunteers to the service of others: "Volunteers will continue to be the foundation of the rescue services and I thank you for this unfailing commitment to your fellow citizens," said the Minister.