Luxembourg's Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection has announced that, after assessing the rainfall data of the 30 stations of the ASTA meteorological network, the meteorological service concluded that, during inclement weather during the night of 31 May to 1 June 2018, a new daily precipitation record was recorded in the ASTA network since 1949.

As required by the World Meteorological Organisation, daily precipitation observations are accumulated between 08:00 and 07:59 the following day, local time (06:00 and 05:59).

With this definition, a new daily record of 101.3 l / m² was recorded at the Waldbillig station on 31 May 2018. The previous daily records were recorded in Arsdorf on 29 May 2008 with 100.7 l / m², Reuler on 28 May 2008 with 93.6 l / m² and Remerschen on 24 July 1994 with 92.3 l / m².

At the same time, a new hourly precipitation record was recorded in the ASTA network with 72.1 l / m² between 02:00 am and 03:00 am local on 1 June 2018.